Being a No-Bro

I can hardly believe it’s only been a day.

After coming up with the plan to infiltrate the castle, Atala went ahead to see what she could do about the dragon. Apparently, Strahd didn’t like the dragon’s breath or something. Oh well. Plan B worked and she made a new friend with this eel-fish-thingy. Eventually, we make our way down to the crypt of Strahd’s brother Sergi, and I used my power to resurrect his handsome ass. Actually made me feel a little bad about myself, being a “stroke victim” and all.

Part two came up and we went to crash a wedding, and succeeding. The dude who stole my sword did some pretty fancy stuff and killed our new paladin friend. Goddamned waste of my gift. Barely lasted a minute in the fight.

Blah blah blah, a while later, we’re chasing Strahd- who had captured Kitara- and come face to face with a room full of zombies. Couple of vamps sneak up behind us, but the druid had a little play time with them in some water. Finished that room up, and continued on until we found Strahd, who decided to play peek-a-boo with us.

And made me a no-bro.

After Atala finally knocks me out, our Dwarf’s prayer finally kicked in and put
Strahd in a bad place. Blah blah blah, Strahd gets knocked into the room, and after beating the daylights into him- haha- the druid decides to plant a tree in him. So, that was great, except the castle was beginning to crumble, and we had a dead wizard and a soulless/ dead rouge. Carried them out as Aubry and Oswald cleared the way. Of course, I got a feel or two in since they’re currently unable to kill me. Daylight is back in Ravenloft, Strahd’s out of the picture, and now we need to kill a dragon goddess.

I need a drink.


Maded Jason_Matlock

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