Damn it...

Some have begun to think we have been here to long, or at least not where we belong for to long, I’d like to agree. Anything we have thought we good has ether been turned against us or outright killed. All this over one man whom refused to die and now rules these lands like some hunter among the sheep. Although the fact we are being watched right now by does not really bother me..

He’s gone..back on our own world that worthless, no good, self-serving, wretched excuse for whatever he calls a man may actually be gone. I don’t believe it for a second really, that scum sucking pile has many escapes and tricks at his disposal. He probably has some body double or some utterly stupid like some spark of divine luck, maybe he and whatever he fought reconciled had a double dutch rudder behind some rubble.. I don’t care I’m still mad..

.. I am still mad..


Am I?….

The more I think about it the more I wonder if I should be anymore. All those involved are probably dead now or on the run, what little that was stolen mean so much less now that our home is on the brink of collapse I shouldn’t be concerned about the past actions of some worthless knob that no one would cry over if he’s gone. He probably was doing something that looked heroic only for his own selfish needs like that bastard always would serves him right…

.. dear gods am I crying…?


Maded Kwaba

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