Aubrey.jpg I met a liche and, trust me, I wanted to send it back to the depths of creation. There was only one glitch to this whole reasoning, this liche was there to protect ancients magics. These magics would be detrimental to anyone that might actually get a hold of them, so if there was going to be any protector, it needed to be something powerful. This did not settle well with me to tell the truth.

Sigurd has truly shown me the reason it is important to be cautious in this realm. He has a tendency to run up and open things without caution. He now looks like a walking corpse that sags at one side of his body. He states that side of his body is numb and that the corpse thing is because he pledged to some ancient god and can now bring back an ancient dead. That might come handy, but he certainly has paid the price for his gain.

It is everything I can do to stay on my toes and keep the party alive during this trying time. I so hope that soon we will be powerful enough and have the ability to stop Strahd and to return home or to Sigil.


Maded terriroberts1966

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