Murphy's law

Even the best laid plans go awry

Aubrey.jpg Well we thought we had our plan together and it all fell short. We were going to have the dragon released to distract Strahd during the wedding ceremony, but when Atala snuck down to release it, she ran into a couple of vampires, according to her. These vampires informed her that the dragon was already dead, but Atala managed to charm them into believing that our bard was tastier than she was, which made them leave her alone and come looking for Oswald.

Atala then proceeded to go down to let something out of a darkened pool, that we had gained knowledge about in the haunted house on the hill. I am not too keen on its presence with us, but according to her, it agreed to help us with the fight. All I see is that some of our party members will randomly speak out loud and hold conversations with nothingness. Odd and disturbing. The creature itself was about as small a knife blade, dark glossy slick looking skin, it’s mouth was gross looking and took up the majority of its head with rows and rows of teeth. The body was that of an elongated slug with a tail that looked like a shark fin. Creepy little creature indeed and according to those it chose to speak with mentally, it was older than Strahd himself. I feel like this thing is full of lies and deceit and offers nothing but trouble for us. But I am just the cleric, who listens to me?

We then regrouped upon Atala’s return and moved to the lower depths of the castle to find Strahd’s brother. Atala’s skill in finding traps was uncanny and we managed to get to the crypt. I am not one that likes to disturb the eternally resting, but this was important for our mission and the good of Barovia. I closed my eyes and began the chant feeling the familiar dance of purity from Barronar Truesilver flow through my veins. I touched Sergei Von Zarovich’s resting preserved body and then saw his spirit eyes turn to me. He was not happy about being disturbed, but after explaining the story of his brother and how he was destroying the people and land of Barovia, he agreed to return to the living once more to stop him. This is were it got extremely strange.

Now I haven’t really gone into too much detail yet about the curiosities and gifts our fighter had bumbled upon in the Amber Temple, but in the big picture of things, the gifts, dark as they may be, would be needed in our upcoming fight and right now. I stepped back from the sarcophagus and allowed Sigurd to shuffle forward. Sigurd was looking pretty darn dead himself by this point, and even smelled like it. His body by this point was emaciated and had begun to decompose like a zombie. This was the price he had paid in order to carry the ability to resurrect someone long past departed and resting with their deity.

Suddenly, Sergei sat up and took in a deep breath for the first time in 300 years. By the gods he was so handsome. One could never tell that he had been dead. The good thing is that Sigurd now looked and smelled normal again. Which to me was a blessing upon our own senses. My eyes couldn’t help but fall upon Sergie’s holy symbol. I knew that is was quiet powerful and also knew that there was a reason that we had been sent to seek it out in our fortune tellings. Sergie was given a scimitar and after a few minutes we then proceeded to go and interrupt the wedding of the century.

The hall was truly under decorated for such a grand moment. The walls were bare stone and there wasn’t even a single ribbon or banner. He could have learned a thing or two about weddings and all from Barronar Truesilver. I felt horrid that this was even supposed to be such an auspicious occasion, but at the same time, I knew it wasn’t a true wedding full of love and happiness. This was a wicked forced joining and it had to be stopped. The guests were not even dressed. Their clothing was rotting off the them and the placed smelled disgusting. Of course the wedding guests were zombies and vampires, but still a little effort could have been made. Ugghhh the nerve to call this a wedding.

Upon our entry the guests turned and immediately attacked us. The place was packed wall to wall with undead with intent to have us join their own ranks of deadness. Strahd started the fight with a large fireball and our group didn’t fair too well with its affects. My job was going to be cut out for me and I knew it. Healing was going to be my main concern. Keep the party fighting. Our first casualty was Sergie. It seems we brought him back only to have him killed in the first volley of attack, as Strahd’s elven messenger moved in, with what was once Sigurd’s magic sword, and beheaded him in one fell swoop. Oswald used his spell of telekinesis and pulled the bride to be from her captors bringing her back to us in safety. The guests turned and were greeted with a discharge of lightening from our fighter. At least he was completely back to normal and had use of his left side again after that. Damn dark gifts were useful. After the lightening streaked through the hall and into the corridor it was followed up a wall of thorny vines that popped out of nowhere called by Foolship, killing several. Then Oswald let loose a fireball himself. Seems that the zombies and vampires didn’t care for that too much either as dead flesh and rotting clothes burst into flames. Those that survived that series of attacks were then left for me. I scooped up Sergies holy symbol, which was unimpeded by the lack of his head and held it up, along with mine. I commanded for them to leave and watched at several fell back into the dust in which they were made of and the others turned fleeing. The battle was on and mass chaos was all around us. It was during this chaos that Strahd took advantage of it all and grabbed Kitara moving down into the bowels of the castle fleeing. This was not going to bode well. I could feel it.

It didn’t take us too long to dispatch the wedding party but now we were on the move to hunt down Strahd himself. As we headed back into the crypts, I worried for Kitara and what was happening to her. We came to a portcullis that blocked off Strahd’s main chamber. There were other undead beyond it waiting on us and I did what came to mind. I called upon the powers of Barronar and released a column of flame that filled the room and engulfed them. The strike was incredible and quiet the sight to behold. It was then that Atala managed to get passed the traps and Sigurd opened the portcullis easily with his strength. As we were entering more vampires came in behind us attempting to encircle us. Suddenly Foolship shifted form. Now I have seen him be a bear but this was not what he changed into. A large water elemental looking creature was now standing where he once stood. Talk about blocking the path and slowing creatures down. Foolship will never stop amazing me with what he pulls out of his bag of tricks.

Atala found a secret passage and now we are in pursuit of Strahd. Finding Kitara’s amulet of health on the ground was not a good sign. Hold on Kitara! We are coming for you!


Maded terriroberts1966

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