I gotta say, the Amber Temple was quite the experience. We came to find secrets on defeating Strahd, and found what we needed, as well as a few more pieces of information regarding a couple of abilities I picked up through sheer curiosity.

The first was the lightning. One of the sarcophagi I opened gave me the ability to create a blast of lightning- the strength of which remains unknown. Unfortunately, however, the right side of my face (and my left butt cheek, hence my new nick-name) gives me the appearance of a stroke victim (another name being “Strokey”) It’s a little weird, but according to the Protector of the temple, using my ability will remove this… or something along those lines.

The other sarcophagus I opened was the really weird one. No sooner that I opened the thing, an image appeared in my mind- The Corpse Star, or Zhudon. He told me that by accepting his gift and by worshiping him (or something) I would have the ability to “Raise the ancient dead.” The only reason I took it was because it might’ve come in handy against either Strahd or even Tiamat. Well, upon accepting this gift, I transformed into what appeared to be a corpse. Unfortunately, the sagginess was still there.

Upon finding the room with the vamps that fled from us, we came face to face with the Protector himself, and he apparently doesn’t like dead guys. Found this out the hard way when he fingered me to dea- I mean Finger of Death-ed me. That sucked ass. Kitara had the excellent idea of telling me to use my most recent ability to raise him. Me, not being the religious guy, did whatever came to me- “By the power of Zhudon, I raise you!”

And boy was that a roller coaster of weird feelings. No sooner had I spoke, a dark mist came forth from me, making me look less dead, and circled the Protector (he was some sort of Lich King I think) but it made it’s way back to me, deadifying me once more.

After the mess that was the battle that ensued after, I got some answers to my abilities, as well as some interesting Intel on my trinket: It was not a totem of Cthulhu as Grister had said, but of a deity who was ancient before even the ancient gods were around. Also, he has offered me the chance to figure out what it means by sending me to a realm of madness where I would find answers. After all this is said and done, hopefully after Tiamat, I’ll go back and see.


Maded Jason_Matlock

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