What are my Odds

So we have a plan. Admitted it’s a terrible plan that depends on alot of variable and possible treachery. A solo job inside a dungeon that I’d never want to ever send my worst of enemies and an unknown we have not heard from all while under the watchful gaze of our enemy. With any luck he will be to distracted by his prize to pay to much attention.

Nothing about this I like but in terms of time we are out of it. I can’t think of any other good plans right now and personally I don’t think there is much better. We are either going to play a role in a tragedy or somehow squeak by there is no blowout win in this. If there is a god that favors me let’s hope they are watching. if not I may want to look into one.

I’ll need to keep the sunlight blade hidden until the real fighting starts


Maded Kwaba

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