Servants and Lords of Sigil


Tall, slender, and looking like the riddles they speak, the dabus are feared by some to be the true masters of Sigil, the hidden genius of her being. For others they are nothing but slaves that maintain Sigil’s mighty engines.

Their thoughts literally fill the air when they pass, for the dabus’s speech is illusion shaped into pictures that mortals can then reshape into sounds — the dabus communicate not by word, but by the complicated structures of the rebus. These are the ultimate in thought-pictures, where symbols are chosen for the sounds made in a language, and the sounds are strung together to form words.



The dabus are both servants and lords of Sigil. They’re unique to the Cage, never found anywhere else in the planes. In other words, the dabus never leave Sigil. From this, bloods figure the dabus are actually living manifestations of the city, which makes sense since the beings maintain most of the infra-structure that makes the city work.

Most of the time the dabus are found repairing what’s broken in Sigil. They keep the sewers and catacombs beneath the streets from crumbling, they cut back the razorvine when it grows too rampant, they patch the cobblestone streets, and they repair the crumbling facades of the city’s buildings. To most, the dabus are nothing more than cryptic workmen.

However, some berks discover another side of their duties, because the dabus also work as agents of the Lady of Pain. Sometimes they appear to punish those knights who’ve gotten too forward in their plans, and sometimes they arrive in force to put down riots, but they’re not concerned with normal crime. It’s the factions that are left to deal with the thieves and murderers in Sigil. The dabus only show up when there’s a threat to their Lady, and that’s usually a sign that another one of the Mazes is about to appear.



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