Mr. Grister

Miserly moneylender with a heart of... coal


A green, slimy man-toad who loves a good pipe and a stout cider.



“He’s got a keen eye for the value of things. A pity he never realized my value…” – Bandren

Mr. Grister is a renegade Green Slaad that took up residence in Sigil about three hundred years ago or so. In that span, he’s maneuvered his way into incredible wealth and is known throughout Sigil as a moneylender, moneychanger, and purveyor of fine gems and jewelry. His shop is well-protected by magic and a pair of massive Blue Slaad he calls Bog and Grog. Mr. Grister wears their control gems on a fine silver chain about his neck.


Mr. Grister

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