Nisi Siv

Pale, icy beauty


Nisi Siv is a tall, lean woman with pale skin and hair, and deathly cold blue eyes that few are capable of meeting without fear in their hearts. Her garb leaves no question as to her affiliation with the undead, and she’s always surrounded by a group of potent skeletons whom the chant has it are all created from her would-be assassins.



“A high-up woman among the Heartless, Nisi Siv is an extreme opportunist in every sense of the word. She’ll use anyone and anything to cement her bid for power in Sigil. Most of her own Faction-mates fear and mistrust her, although all give her at least grudging respect due to the fact that she’s very nearly the embodiment of their Faction’s philosophy.” – Bandren

Nisi Siv is an extremely brutal member of the Fated faction of Sigil. She’s been around for more years than most care to count. Throughout all of those years, she has shown her power and a willingness to use it. Currently, Nisi stands poised upon the brink of becoming her faction’s Factol.

Nisi Siv makes her home in a massive black stone mansion along Blackshade Lane near the Mortuary in The Hive. By day she pursues studies best left in the dark within her home; by night she pours through the Hall of Records, and curio and antiquity shops in The Market. It is often said that Nisi Siv does not sleep.


Nisi Siv

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