Sargan the Sorcerer

An old Human sorcerer


Sargan the Sorcerer was a man of wizened features, with white hair and a third eye on his forehead.



“They say he was one right cutter; a master of the Wild Magic, as the chant goes. Why, then, was a summons spell his undoing?”Bandren

Sargan was a Master of the White Ways, and of Wild Magic. He was a denizen of the City of Doors for centuries. Sargan was also known for his love of wine and beautiful women.

Both of these loves lead him to Liesa one fateful night, and a summons gone horribly wrong. Now, Sargan has disappeared, with no traces to be found of his mortal remains. All that is left to show he existed is his White Tower, and its strange contents.


Sargan the Sorcerer

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