Zenos the Fallen

What happens when angels fall from grace


A beautiful, well-built man with silvery skin and flowing golden hair



“Once Messenger of Athena, Zenos was a powerful Deva who dared too much. He loved a mortal, and then lost his wings. Sad story. But Sigil’s full of those.” – Bandren

Zenos does not speak of his past life as one of the favored messengers of a Power. Instead, he now focuses his considerable gifts on being a messenger and facilitator. If there’s someone in the Cage you need to get a message to, Zenos can deliver it. No matter to whom or to where. Although many fiends have belittled him for his fallen status and lack of wings, they also tend to respect power and the balls it takes to deny a Power. Zenos’ services are used by both the light and the dark of Sigil, and he stands squarely in the middle of both.


Zenos the Fallen

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