Astral Conduits

Worming tunnels through the Astral


The maw of a conduit is invisible to normal sight. Under a spell like true seeing, it looks like a reflective haze — a cloudy mirror is another way to describe it. The haze is opaque, and certainly nothing can be seen of where the conduit leads or what might be on the other side.

Conduits have the great advantage of being quick. They pop a body right through the Astral Plane in a nod and a wink, so a cutter doesn’t have to waste any precious travel time. However, since they’re often two-way, there’s just as much chance of something unpleasant stepping off the Outer Planes as there is of a prime zipping to the Outer Planes for a quick adventure.



Conduits are shafts that go directly from the Prime Material Plane to one of the Outer Planes. Conduits pass right through the Astral Plane and look like giant silver arteries there. They snake all the way through that plane in their journey from the Prime Material to one of the Outer Planes.

Although it seems that conduits don’t move, the chant from astral travelers is that these conduits are constantly twisting, writhing, and wriggling around on that plane. Luckily, though, the ends remain largely stable, most always dropping a berk off in pretty much the same place each time he passes through one.


Astral Conduits

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