Elemental Vortices

A roiling mass of elemental matter


A vortex looks like a shimmering pool or wall of elemental stuff – fire swirls and bends with flaming magma, water ripples with deep cerulean colors, air shimmers like heat waves, and earth grinds and shifts like earthquake-trembled rock. When a basher knows what to look for, they aren’t too hard to find.



Vortices are direct openings between one of the four basic Elemental Planes (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) and the Prime Material Plane. They aren’t the easiest things to use, since vortices are found only at the heart of great concentrations of elemental stuff on the Prime Material Plane. This means most vortices gape at the heart of things like volcanic caldera, oceanic trenches, soaring mountain peaks, or the deepest mines. Vortices are, however, very stable — such large concentrations of matter seldom shift much over the course of a human lifetime.


Elemental Vortices

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