Dark gifts

Aubrey.jpg I have always been thankful for the things I have and I have tried not to be greedy in life. I am glad I chose that path again upon finding the sarcophagi in the depths of the Amber Temple. It seems that all gifts given here come with a price.

The Temple of Really Bad Things

Sigurd BrandrSo, my day started out fairly okay-ish. We found the temple after fighting off a couple of demonic bird-things, and had decided to look for another way into the place so we wouldn’t have to go through the front door. I am currently loving my armour due to the fact I would have died with out it. Why? We got into a fight with this party of highly aggressive people, two of which were in a great surprise when they tried to deal some fatal blows (spear to the heart, axe to the side) and received a broken spear and a flaming sword to the face.

However, my day got a bit darker when we went inside the temple and came face to face with this jackal-demon looking thing that- surprise!- banished me to a place of really really dark darkness. Best part was that I was completely incapacitated. A little miffed that they got to kill it, but I don’t think I wanted to stay there much longer.

What happened next really lit up my world. Big time. After the dwarf managed to remove the wall from the door, I stepped through to receive a fireball t the face. It burned a little. The flaming skull that hit me with it got it’s prize for pissing the warrior off by being cleaved in two. Little dickwad. Can’t wait to see what else seems to be lurking around down here!

Longing for home

Aubrey.jpg The warmth of the sun glimmered off my skin and I could feel the shift of coins beneath the weight of my body. Stretching out my claws they raked slowly through the gold causing it to shift and ripple into smaller mounds from the large mountain of wealth I was stretched upon. I could smell the gold and to me it was like a sweet meat that made my scales rumble in a shiver of pure pleasure. I was home. I was in my true form. I could hear the rumblings of the other dragons in the chambers not too far away.

The mocking laughter that drifted against the temple stones dug deep to my soul, as my claws shifted and twisted into nothingness. The land became dark and I was now looking up into the eyes of a woman. A dwarven woman that held me close. I was tiny and frail and despite my cries of protest from being yanked from Bahamut’s temple, I knew my fate was sealed. The woman smiled at my protests, to her they were nothing more than a wail of a tiny babe showing perfect strong lungs.

Snapping my head up I felt the bedroll shift as I bolted up from my sleep. Yet another dream to tease me of things to come or of things of the past. I sighed heavily and gathered my things looking around at my surroundings.

I am so tired of this god forsaken land. I keep my holy symbol close and keep my faith kindled, but I could see how easy it would be for those trapped here to loose faith. The sky is always dark even during the brightest portion of the day.

This place has a foreboding about it that makes one feel like they are a fish in a glass bowl being stared at all the time. I feel like looking over my shoulder and that someone is laughing at all our attempts to escape here. The only solace I have is my prayers and my dreams.

Lost Time

Kitara_Morningstar.jpgIts been another week in this place, not knowing how time is progressing back home. Have the civilized lands fallen to the supposed Dragon Invasion. Should we have even trusted Valish in his account of the desecration. All I know at this point is, we have lost Strahd’s bride and he had taken Sigurd’s sword in an attempt to impede us from leaving here. Now we stand looking across a cliff to a walled city. Seemingly abandoned, besides the ghostly warning at the bridge and the creatures set to protect its gates. But having now circumvented them, we head into the unknown once more.

The Spell Book

Kitara_Morningstar.jpg After the hard fight at the Abbey we set about the town to extinguish the remaining mongrel folk. It seemed in our absence, Strahd had attacked the city in retaliation for giving us safe haven. Many were slain in the onslaught but now they were safe from the nearby threat. Such an exhausting series of events I lay down and rummaged through my things. To my delight I pulled out the old spellbook I had purchased in Sigil. Was it fate that steered my curiosity in this cursed land. Never opening it before now, I sat in the moonlight and immersed myself in its contents.

Tantalizing Dreams

Usually my dreams are pretty straightforward. Especially the nightmares of the last few months. Death, disease, devastation, the whole land in ruin. That bitch Tiamat overseeing everything with glee. And the others wonder why I have it in for dragons.
But tonight I had a wonderfully strange dream. We were seated around a large rectangular table in anticipation of playing some sort of game. The serving wench brought out pans of some strange dish made with noodles, meat, and a wonderfully aromatic sauce, which was then covered in cheese and baked. We all thanked ‘Miss Donna’ for cooking, and she responded, “So who brought the bread?”

Back from the dead

Aubrey.jpg I haven’t really ever thought much on bringing someone back from the arms of their god or goddess once they were resting in peace, until now. The blank stare and sadness that the woman had broken my heart as she grieved for her only son. No words could speak the despair that rolled through the room when she walked through. I decided to pray to Berronar Truesilver and ask for the ability to raise her son from the recently departed.

The rest of the group helped without much convincing, as I believe they too felt the utter dispair that permiated the poor soul. We dug him up hidden by a spell that masked our activity from rest of the city. Removing the coins from his gaze, I then ensured that the corpse was cured of all diseases and healed of current wounds. It was then that the prayer started.

The warmth that flooded by body was unlike anything I had ever felt before in my life. I could feel raw power surging through my fingertips and rolling out of my palms as I touched him. The body was cold and lifeless and then, as easy as it was to touch him, I watched the color return and the warmth flare to his skin. It was when he inhaled and opened his eyes I realized the true magnificent power I was granted to utilize in the name of Berronar Truesilver.

The happiness that filled that family was more than I could ever imagine. Tonight I did something good and it felt wonderful.

That guard never saw it coming.

I was starting to think this place was getting to me. It’s filled with a dreary sadness coupled to a depression sandwich and nothing about that is good. We left the first city we ended up in with the fears our witch was about to get the axe or something there of. I offered to lift some of that wonderful wine we somehow got but no.. no wine and no party. Probably for the better, the burgermeisters wife was a bit of a snob. So four dreary hours and some sunless moments later we ended up in Kzrek. Definitely larger and more defined no inn to speak of but the mayor.. or Governor was helpful and supplied a story that may point us in the right direction at least when it comes to the predictions we’ve received.

However something was brought up, the Mayor’s son had died previously which left the wife of said mayor in a state of.. delusion or.. confusion. We did something I had been waiting to do for a long time. Honestly help someone, not half assing it or just being a messenger or just not dying when others wanted us to. I think after restoring the lost son we maybe stuck for a few days to assist with others with the sickness that’s been roaming around which I really don’t mind at all. If I had this ability I’d be doing the same thing, it’s been awhile since I was able to help another. I missed doing that back at my first home.

I’ll need to check in soon with the other, I may get some jokes and side looks from some, I had to keep a guard away from the graveyard while the others dug up a body. One thing.. did.. kinda lead to another not that I regret it at all but I don’t like the whole bard way of doing it the love’em and leave’em style.

Wonder how well the chicken coops are locked up, something warm would be great for the both of us right now.

Light from the Dark

Kitara_Morningstar.jpgIt seems we have finally found some semblance of normality in this forsaken place. Barovia was a dark a dreary place but as we traveled east to the Abbey it seemed less so. The walled city of Krezk was our destination. As we arrived we learned that their leader had just lost a son. Believing it was part of our fortune, we resurrected him in hopes of gaining an ally. For we need all we can to destroy this foul beast and leave this land that we were tricked into entering by that witch Eva.

I think the Gnome hates my sword

I mean,yeah, I get the fact that there’s a slight chance something bad might happen, but come on! There was a huge tree-thing that I totally could’ve taken, but ‘NOOO’ goes the gnome. ‘No fire for you!’ Just wait until I figure out how to shoot flaming arrows. Muwahahaha…

Anyways, I don’t think even I’ve pissed off the gnome as badly as how that one chick did. He was muttering something about trees, so I guess that has something to do with it.

what really rustles my jimmies is the fact that not only did the witch turn me into a godsforsaking badger-which ruined my dual shovel wielding- but the treehugger decided to become a FUCKING DIRE MOLE. It was like watching a bear with huge shovels strapped to his hands. And, while trying to re-bury the tomb- yes, I am an official grave-digger- he tries to bury me. Ugh. Dude knows how to really rustle them jimmies.


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