Sad Family Ties
Wandering minds would like to know

I can understand why someone would like to meet their family I guess. Never knew mine don’t think I’d care to much if I did, I’ll admit the means of summoning was odd. Not a lot of time I’d get to meet whatever that was (Archon.. solar.. platypus) that claimed to be his brother. On a note would you think his father is like him, I mean is his family tree filled with branches from other species. Is there a half dragon, quarter celestial, 3/8th Centuar out there? How do they meet these people… does this mean his entire family line has weird tastes in the opposite (Or.. same?) sex?

I mean do they feel it’s their divine right to just spread their seed everywhere and see what pops up and then after twenty years send one of the good children to let them know they are a disappointment? I mean they guy that showed up at the chapel was not surprised at all, was Oswald just his fifth meeting that day filled with disappointment?

Dad: Son I need you..
Son: Dan no.. no please
Dad to go to Sigil…
Son: Please no dad stahp
Dan: Find your brother
Son:Stahp please dad why

Wait… does he just give you “The look” and bam you’re knocked up…. I wonder what that would look like…

Fuck .. nearly choked on my soup.. don’t think of things like that while I eat..

No Time Left

Kitara_Morningstar.jpgI left the temple, telling Aubrey that I was going to seek knowledge and prepare of our journey home. Ozzy’s father had summoned him, and I had decided against making the trip with the group. Instead I was going to hone some potions for our forthcoming battle I had seen in my visions. But now nearly two weeks later, my party had still not returned and now I fear they may never. I have made a few new friends in this great city, carousing the local establishments, and have had many advances that have been enjoyable. But this morning on the 13th day of their absence I awoke to a nightmare. A black gate, ominously stood before me, taunting me with a dark power and ten red eyes staring at me from beyond it. It seemed Tiamat was not finished with us, I must return to Faerun I thought as I gathered my belongings to set out alone. Suddenly a knock on the temple doors woke me from my thoughts.

The Ravens' Call

Ravens.JPG Ravens are less common than rain in the City of Doors. Many view the dark birds as omens. Some view them as threats. Today, raven corpses litter the streets near Truesilver Temple. And a dark cloaked figure makes its way to the temple doors. A flash of bright clothing beneath the dark cloak, a braided lock of hair swings from the hood, a bottle is held in one hand bearing the stamp “Wizard of Wines”, a flash of a smile reveals several silver teeth.

“She said the cards called them out,” he whispered, as the stranger’s hand moved to rap upon the temple doors.

A flutter of wings could be heard overhead.

Unholy decisions

Aubrey.jpg Aubrey stared at the ceiling of the temple as her body relaxed in the soft comforts of the bed. The past day had been one of the most taxing when it came to decisions to be made. She could allow her eyes to close, despite the exhaustion that enveloped her.

What had she done? Of all things inviting a necromancer into the temple to be rid of undead urns in the basement. The urns had been placed there as an insult to Berronar, but she felt she only added more insult to the injury indeed. Her mind recapped the events of the day and it made her stomach lurch and roll. She could taste the bile as it threatened to spew forth.

“Berronar, please forgive me for the way it was handled. I should have gone to Moridon’s temple and sought help there first. I beg that you find within your heart to forgive me in my misguided wisdom. I pray that I can have the strength and wisdom to say no to temptations in the future.”

The day had started on a good note, as we had recovered the diamond we had been sent after. Part of the treasures found was more gold than I had seen ever in my life. I couldn’t resist the urge to go and lay in the pile for a few minutes and rest my head in the shiny coins. We also found a magic carpet that flew, a scimitar, silver dragon scale armor and a giant leather belt.

The carpet went to Kitara. She was very excited to have it and really didn’t want to relinquish it anyways. The scimitar went to Atala. It seemed very light and it made striking things easier. I handed the silver dragon scale armor over to Foolship. It made me feel awful thinking about wearing it myself. Felt like wearing a living skin of a relative. Just not right. The leather belt was handed over to Sigurd. Sigurd seemed pleased enough to have it that he gave his gloves to Oswald.

I was blessed to receive alot gold and platinum. I started a fund for the church and with donations already have 5000 gold for use for renovations. As I said, the day had started out on a good foot. But needless to say it started down a darker path before long.

We arrived to the top of the pit we had sojourned down just the day before. Waiting at the top was a group that wanted our find. The bad part was, they were children. About 20 in all, which did not sit well with me at the idea of fighting with them. Instead, we threw about 500 gold to the streets, let them scramble for it and made a run for the temple.

Once at the temple we searched for an area to put the money for safe keeping, until we could return for it. We still had to go and turn in the diamond as contracted. It was then that we found the basement area with about 12 urns in it. Upon opening one of the urns, we discovered that it had an undead child in it. This sent off alarm bells in my head, why would the temple have something like that within it’s walls?

Upon further research we found out that a group call the Dustmen probably had left them there as an insult to Berronar. Needless to say, I had to find a way to get rid of them. I wanted to just go and destroy them, but it seemed that several of the party members were dubious and scared to do so. There wasn’t any talking them into it.

Oswald, Atala, and Sigurd went to gain information with a Necromancer about the urns. I could not bring myself to go to such a place of foulness. The rest of us returned to the temple to wait for their information. It was then that Sigurd returned first. He was drowned in his cups and slurry and belligerent. Not sure how he managed to get drunk but obviously he had enjoyed himself.

He informed us that Oswald had been cursed with the opening of the urns. The Necromancer had told him so. The worst part was that Oswald didn’t return to the church or a temple to remove the curse, he had agreed to let the necromancer kill him and return him to his body to get rid of the curse. I honestly didn’t believe that someone could be so foolhardy to do such a thing and that the alcohol was addling Sigurd’s recollection of things.

I was wrong. It seems that Oswald had more trust in a complete stranger that was a necromancer to kill him than to come to me to ask for help. I don’t know how I should feel about that actually. Forgiveness is in order, I suppose, for the foolish. The Necromancer had agreed to take care of the urns, but I couldn’t bring myself to do such a thing, at the time.

So I went to seek the help of the Harmonium, a faction in Sigil that dealt with harmony and peace in the city. We managed to find a group of six, but they were dealing with an issue at the time. To my dismay I witness them acting as judge jury and executioner to a merchant accused of cheating his patrons. They strung him up and hung him without blinking an eye.

Then SHE came along. I say that as she was a necromancer with about 6 undead minions following her. The Harmonium and her got into a battle and she killed two of them and the others fled. Kitara jumped in on the fight and magic flew from her fingertips to only bounce off the woman like rain drops to a tarp. I then stepped in to protect her as Kitara suddenly realized her mistake and began to cower in fear. I was not about to let this abomination touch sweet Kitara.

A standoff ensued and we managed to leave the situation without anything more than a few insults and threats between the two of us. We then made a decision that makes me regret ever listening to the others. I went to the necromancer that Oswald had dealt with and allowed him to remove the urns. Having those undead in such a holy place of Berronar sickens me. I am not sure I can ever find it in my own heart to forgive myself for such an unholy decision.

Sleep will be restless this night if any at all.

What the Fuck!

Kitara_Morningstar.jpgThis day leaves me reeling as I lay in bed, thinking of what had transpired. After recovering the diamond, we had been given a mission to return it to the Plane of Earth. But there was one problem we had to deal with first. The tomb below our temple was lined with creatures, imprisoned there or placed there for evil purposes we did not know. Our genius Bard, I don’t recognize his name right now, Atala, and Sigurd, went to find help with their disposal. Seeking of all things a Necromancer, a fucking Necromancer to deal with our problem. Nothing could have prepared Aubrey, Foolship and I for what came next.

It had only been a short time when Sigurd entered the temple, drunk as a skunk. From what we could gather from his incoherent mumbling, was that OUR BARD found out that he was cursed, and proceeded to get killed and brought back to life to cure him. Now mind you I’m not holy by any means, but I have lost all faith in him. Why would you allow that from a complete stranger when you have a Wizard and Cleric, who you know and can trust that could have helped. On top of knowing he has angel blood running trough his veins, which makes it that much more of a mystery to me. Finding out it was by Erotic asphyxiation was just icing to my rising mistrust. Is there something else guiding our party to these deeds. Aubrey and I seem to be the most sound mind of the bunch. If my visions of our Bard has done nothing else, at least I can trust her, I do miss Lottie.

The city as a whole.. so far

So as it seems there is no regular guard or knights that patrol the city that we know of. As long as the city is not in dire straights the Lady’s watchers do no become involved unless something happens right in front of them. I came to this conclusion after watching three people just get shanked in the open streets. One was a merchant that apparently was ripping off one of the factions. How long and for how much I do not know.

He was hanged by the faction in the streets as a lesson no real judge no real jury just an executioner.

He was then just ended by a patron surrounded by skeletons and well.. the air of just death. When the second victims ally noticed this and approached he baked him with a glance. Now get this at that time out WONDERFUL spellcaster in all her wisdom decided to start slinging spells expecting a fight. but the rest of the knights that were backup just ran. leaving us to the mercies (It’s a weak description in this case) to the individual. Considering both the priestess and our wizard were about to butt heads. I tried to step in and smooth a few things over. Dunno if it really worked but we are still alive at the moment.

The dead jars are gone from the chapel’s basement and get this. we HIRED a necromancer to remove them. Oddly friendly guy, his daughter’s way of removing curses was …new..

I guess the city kinda takes care of itself for the most part

Morality and Mortality

This city, this strange place, it isn’t like our world. An open mind and a steadfast approach seems to do well in this place, I hope the rest of my cohorts adopt this philosophy. In another time perhaps I would have chosen a more prudent path in curing my curse. After dropping prior conceived notions and conversing with the necromancer and his family I learned that perhaps I was wrong in previous assumptions.

These Keepers of Harmony well teir name alone made me assume that they were the nonviolent sort, keeping the peace with an iron lynching, I was horribly wrong. The guilty need pay the price but the punishment fits the crime. Stealing from others does not mean stealing the life of the transgressor. Well let us not forget The Dustmen, apparently they tend to the dead in this city… seems some of them have overstepped their boundaries but the actions of a few do not make an indication of the whole.

Oh man I am just glad that I got out of that 4 hour meeting……..

Mr. Grister and Knights of the Post

Aubrey.jpg It seems that we were hired by Mr. Grister as Knights of the Post. In other words, that meant we were supposed to be reclaimers of lost unique items. The story in a nutshell was that….

In a planescape far far away a diamond was stolen from Shah Vermal. He was from the elemental plane of earth. The diamond was described as one of the finest diamonds in the multiverse. It has been searched for for centuries. It seems that recently there was an attempt by Tiamat to escape from the abyss and had obtained the diamond as part of his collection.

The diamond was actually in the horde that someone recovered with the failed attempt. It seemed to be in the hands of a kobold sorcerer named Bahrkaa. It was going to be our job to recover the diamond and return it to the rightful owner.

Of course this wasn’t going to be an easy task. Bahrkaa lived in Sigil where Knifes Edge and Shatter Bone street met. This was in the Chaos district of the Hive. We were warned that the task would be challenging and daunting and that it may take one or more of our lives.

It was then that Mr. Grister produced the longest scroll of contract that I had ever seen. It went on and on and a good hour later I had read it through. It all seemed pretty up front and I was sure that I would not be compromised with my vows. We all then signed it blood. Not so sure about that part and it still made me nervous.

We arrived to the location to find a large hole in the ground with winding stairs heading down. It was here that things went by very quickly. Our acclamation and relocation specialist scouted and searched things out for traps. Singed eyebrows, frostbitten fingers and ooze and acid covered we trudged from one section of rooms to another. Nearly sliced in half by chopping blades and eaten by chimera beasts we finally obtained the diamond.

I know I am supposed to be a forgiving sort, but honestly I thought I was going to have to put our fighter, Sigurd, out our misery. His impulsiveness would interfere with our acclamations specialist, Atala. I suppose I should just say rogue, but it sounds so much more impressive with the other title.

Our druid, Foolship, shifted into a bear while there. Ever been in a five foot wide hallway with a large bear? Not so pleasant. He filled it completely and all there was to see was fur… lots of it.

As for the bard, Oswald, well he is very good at taunting things by calling them names. Not sure exactly what that accomplished other than calling them names. He did sing a few good rally songs that gave everyone a boost in moral and kept the fighting going.

Kitara, our wizard, did cast a large fireball down the narrow hallway at one of the oozing acid creatures. The flame was quiet impressive and rolled back down the hall nearly engulfing me as I stood back. I could feel the warmth of it caress my cheek and made me count my blessings.

I know I exhausted my complement of spells blessed to me for the day by the nights end. Bruised and battered we made our way back to Mr. Grister for payment. I have to say my bed is beginning to sound very comfortable now.

Probably done for the day...

To think I thought Breaking and Entering was the easier then talking some lord out of his coin. Today I was wrong, Between the rabid plant creatures hiding in the wall and the traps, Oozes, idiot warriors, Illusionary floors, flame throwers, FROST throwers, bad jokes, wet socks, chimera, random Tiamat followers, and breaking my favorite bottle of booze.. I think this day could not get much worse.

Well I mean we did find what we were looking for (Somehow) among other things found albeit part of my gear got dissolved away. I’ll need replacements for that soon after we close this job up and get paid. Maybe with some coin we could find a way home or at least get some sort of a clue, something or someone brought us here either by accident or for a reason I’d love to know why. On a side note I think I maybe going mad.. I’m hearing or seeing things that keep reminding me of that rat bastard that got left in Yartar.. the one that needs to be stabbed. He either gets around more then I knew or the universe is playing some sick joke.

And other positives.. that sword swinging fellow owes me one, a big one after taking that hit for him. Not that I’ll ever call him on it.. I just don’t like hauling bodies. Although I am curious about Oswald after his night I’m wondering if he’s gonna start sprouting eggs on his back or something.. wait.. wasn’t he and that priestess a thing too? No wonder there is so many half breeds out there.. bards..

Those thoughts will probably need to wait for the moment… after we get topside and done I’m gonna sleep for a week

The Vault and The Diamond

Kitara_Morningstar.jpgOur first meeting with the infamous Mr. Grister seemed quite promising. He gave us a job to find a diamond, stolen by a kobold sorcerer named Bahrkaa. The stone was of unmatched beauty, and was taken from Shah in the elemental plane of earth. We were told it was held within the sorcerer’s vault, so our task began.

We reached the location, only to find a deep cave-like structure, on the edge of which ran a spiraling staircase. As we descended we dispatched a stony plant creature, meant to fling any intruder to their certain death, with great effort. When we reached the bottom we took a moment to assess our surroundings. A room laying off to one side was nothing more than a illusion. The only other passage was a thin hallway that marked the beginning of our gauntlet.

Seemingly escaping the first set of traps we came upon two paths. Sigurd ended up triggering a false floor down one of the halls releasing a gelatin cube that we had to vanquish. And finally we came to the final room of the vault left unexplored. Guarded by two Chimera’s we knew it wasnt going to be easy, but after some quick thinking and expert deft by Atala the Diamond was ours. Still on alert, we now make our way out of this place, tired and smelly.


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