The Awakening

Aubrey.jpg She could feel the heaviness of sleeps’ embrace upon her eyes as she slowly fluttered awake. The stone she was resting on was cold and hard, which chilled her the bone. Something wasn’t right, she knew she had gone to sleep in the sweet embrace of a bed. Why was she on a stone floor?

Aubrey sat up swiftly and glanced around taking in her surroundings. She was in a large chamber and the rest of her new group of adventurers were also in the room. The odd thing was that they were laid out in a form of a pentagram. No one knew exactly what had happened.

As we began to move about we noted that there were whispered and hushed voices on the other side the single door that was in the room. The language was unknown to Aubrey but it didn’t sound good. Long story made short we found out that they were goblins on the other side of the door. They had been employed by someone they referred to as The Master.

It seemed that the Master was away and they did not know how we arrived. As things got even odder a floating skull that spoke to us arrived. We explained on how we had fallen asleep and yet found ourselves here upon awakening. Our new mission seemed to have begun.

Search out one called The Forsaken. Why? Because he was the one that knew where the keys to the portal doors were. It seemed that floating skull could not remember where they were and stated that The Forsaken would have a set. Well, the Forsaken is an Andros Sphinx. It was going to be our job to find him and get what we needed to get home. What a mess.

On our travels we decided that we would need a place to stay in this very odd city. I state odd city as it was not normal. The ground was the sky and sky was the ground. It was like a giant sphere that we were trapped inside of. The stars were nothing more than lights of other buildings.

We found the Sphinx and he was about as helpful as a bag of rocks on a drowning person. He gave us a cost for the keys, but no one had the beer that he wanted. Off to the tavern we headed. The tavern wasn’t any more different that most taverns that I have manage to visit. The dwarf that ran it was actually kinda handsome. But I stray in my thoughts. He was also one to employ adventurers such as ourselves. Having a bit of coin would not be a bad thing at this point in time.

Time passed and we had a bite to eat and drink to fill our bellies. Our bard sang a song, but it seemed that a few patrons were offended by the content of the song. Now we needed a place to rest. The temple was where we were going to try and seek refuge.

As we began to hunt for Berronar Truesilvers temple, we encountered the disgruntled patrons. We were attacked by a large group of what ended up being half dragons. What a way to impress Bahamut. It seems the dreams are getting more involved with dragons. I still keep my faith to Berronar Truesilver despite my odd sense of being tested.

We fought and with great effort managed to be victorious. I get a feeling that Tiamat is becoming very unhappy with us.

Berronar Truesilvers temple was a humble home in the temple district. It seemed that the High Priest had been gone for several years and only an alcolyte was maintaining the premises. I was proud of the group as everyone pictched in to help restore the temple and slowly but surely we filled the guest chambers with furniture and beds. This is where we were going to rest and stay for the duration.

Sites of Sigil

Kitara_Morningstar.jpgThe first couple of days in this new place has been quite uneventful. Our motley group has discerned, that a wizard named Sargon had brought us to this place by means of transmutation. To what ends we do not know, but the deed was his undoing as he gave his life in the summons. We explored the city meeting a barkeep, Finegan; a peddler, Mr. Grister; and even a floating skull, Bandren. It seems this place is a medium that leads everywhere as I found myself in Elysium, chasing after my naked comrade to his delight. Our only bad luck came when Ozzy was singing of “The bear that beat a dragon.” It seems Tiamat has eyes, even in this place. And its very apparent, the bitch is a sore loser.

Gainful Employ

The sitting room of Esoterica was prepared for company, with trays of artfully-arranged finger foods, glasses ready to receive his finest cider, large crystalline trays set to receive the ashes of any who enjoyed a good pipe (like Grister himself did). Grister always felt the need to impress upon any who worked for him the staggering level of wealth he’d assumed in his centuries in SIgil.

Fine gems and jewelry worth a king’s ransom were held in magnificent display cases lining the walls, and statues that had been crafted by masters of stonework flanked the entry hall. Bog and Grog, his massive blue-skinned guardians, shifted restlessly. Grister grinned; he knew they were rankled with inactivity. It had been so long since any had been foolish enough to attack him, and they were bristling for a fight.

Carefully, the green-skinned man-toad hopped around his presentation table. He set the center with the maps and drawings of what he hoped to accomplish and what he’d set out to acquire. Grister hoped these mortals he was meeting were as capable as Finegan had blathered on about. Grister had never heard of a one of these so-called knights. He frowned, looking upon some of the drawings he placed on the table.

He had heard of their opposition in this endeavor…

Grister sighed as he heard the bell ring at the front door.

“Lorian, be a dear and lead my guests back here for our meeting,” he croaked, lighting a pipe.

His servant moved swiftly to answer. She always unnerved him with her quiet appearances at his side, but those cat-folk were known to be swift and silent. Grister knew she’d taken up service with him to spy on his dealings for someone, but he wasn’t quite sure just who it was yet. Perhaps this meeting could be beneficial to him in other ways.

He settled into his great chair facing the hall entrance, the cushions creaking softly and settling under him.

Adventures in Sigil
Well then....

Sorry Vaelish. It’s gonna take me a bit longer than I had hoped.

So I started my day on the ground in a place that was not where I fell asleep. Not uncommon, but the star formation was new. The goblins in… Koala skins? Those were also new. I think. The overwhelming stench reminded me of the shipyards on a Sunday evening back home, and because of this I did not want to meet this TITSL dude from whom the stench came from. The Androsphinx was interesting. Still wondering how he managed to drink with those paws of his.

Anyway, my day got better once we got to that bar, Cheap Blessings. That was a place that had some decent drinks. So much better than the place i worked at in Luskan. Funnily enough, that’s where i first picked up that old Trinket. Big mistake, haha… And I gotta say, that beautiful barmaid definitely knew how to handle herself, the guys, and those drinks. 10 outta 10. Man I needed a drink. Never had I ever needed to go through two dwarven drinks that fast. Then again, getting drunk helps one understand weird stuff a bit better.

Anyway, after that, Os went off with some tentacle-squid-girl-thing, while we just went around. Found a nice old church-thing- or whatever it’s called- that belonged to Aubry’s goddess. Pretty homey too. Save for the beds that were harder than the floors of the tower. But, the new beds were awesome. Got a decent amount of sleep before we headed our way back to the bar for that information and/or job Finnegan may or may not have found for us. And then there were the Dragon-people. Uuggghhh I’m starting to hate dragons now.

Once we got back to the bar, I ordered something nice and strong to help me get over the fact that i had acid spit on me- not once, but twice. Also, for some reason- may have been the dwarven alcohol, maybe the rush of the previous battle, or maybe because I felt like it- I found myself trying to start a conversation with Wendy. Who knows? I might get lucky and get a date out of her.

Round three please.

Bird in a Cage
Arrival in Sigil


I will continue to write of my accounts, even though I know they may never reach you. As we reached Greenist, I had a vision. It showed me a Dwarven Shield Maiden, pious and kind, helping our party in a great battle that we cannot win alone. And behind her, the shadow of a dragon looming near.

We met the Cleric right outside of Greenist, as we noticed the town aflame. That is when all hell broke loose. Various unidentifiable beasts ravaged what few townfolk we could see. Only then realizing the majority were burning alive in the church, we rushed to free them. Sigurd and Lottie entered direct, while the rest of us skirted the building for a rear assault.

During the skirmish, several of my comrades fell. I barely survived a direct hit from the dragons tail myself, thanks to my mother’s amulet. But all were healed thanks to Aubrey, the creatures were slain, and great beast driven away. We spent the night in peace until my sleep was disturbed. Five sets of eyes and a hideous laugh woke me. As I stood, I noticed the group was sleeping in a pattern on the floor of an unfamiliar room. I woke everyone from their slumber and we searched the exit. All the while thinking about the adventure ahead, a chill of excitement running down my spine.

Why do I have the urge to call my cat Toto?
Day 1 in Sigil

Not the keep. My druid’s instincts tell me not natural. My mental map of the world says, “Nope!” I think I’ll stay in the corner and comfort Toto- – now I can’t remember the name it calls itself. Why Toto?!

Path of Dharasha (Destiny)


O'Si (Mother),

Much has happened the past week, too much to detail.  It seems my visions have brought me, to where I am needed.  I arrived in Yartar without any direction, only my premonitions and a hope.  My doubts seemed to subside when fate intervened and banded our group of wayward adventurers, in the same Inn that O'Su (Father) began his quest 20 years ago .  We vanquished some Owlbear's, that were terrorizing the town and controlled by a Druid of the Ashen Way, if that name rings a bell.  Then we embarked on a mission to find out what had beset a nearby Monastary, home to one of our party, Lottie.  We found the buildings in ruin and the Monks all slain.  The abominations we fought were grotesque, and many of the waterbaron's men fell in the battle.  But, we were victorious and now pursue the fiends through the Treyall Hills. I still have terrible dreams every night, that now end with Oswald's presence, followed by peace.  As cautious as you know I am, I feel the need to follow this man as he seems.  Whether for good or bad, it is my destiny.

Bears and Dragons

Aubrey.jpg Finally finding a few moments of peace and quiet, Aubry pulled out a small scroll case. Slowly opening it she set out a feathered quill pen, ink bottle, and one velum parchment paper. Now would be a good time to take note of what had recently transpired. Dipping the pen into the ink well she placed the pen to the velum and began to write. Each stroke of the pen was a stroke of art and calming to her soul.

~The past few days have been unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have been out of the Citadel for nearly 3 weeks now and traveled over the country side experiencing the life of the local farmers. I have paused to give ministering to a few of the locals, curing, healing, and blessing those that needed the loving touch of Berronar Truesilver. I have been met with friendliness for the most part.

My feet felt the raw blisters that were forming from all the walking I had done. I suppose I could have cast a heal upon myself, but it seemed so trivial. This way I was reminded of the sacrifices made to ensure that the people knew of the words of Berronar Truesilver and that He would be there for them in a time of need.

A local farming merchant took pity upon me and offered me a ride in exchange for conversation to the next village. I gladly took him up on it and found myself amongst the radishes and carrots in the back of the wagon. He was transporting for them to the next local township for the market.

Just as we drew closer to the town, the farmer drew up to a stop just as we spotted a wagon with several others in it, stopped on the side of the road. I don’t know much about local heroes but evidentially there was one among them and this excited the farmer. He began to yell and flag them down only to notice that there were plumes of back billowing grey and black smoke that rose off in the distance. This did not bode well and my heart sank knowing that something wicked had happened.

The farmer stopped and was ready to turn back, but I knew that I must go and offer aid to those beyond. As I thanked him I was spotted by one of the strangers ,known to me now as, Kitara. She started stating she had dreamed of me and that I was to go with them. Without argument, as it would have been faster on their cart than foot, I took them up and joined their small group.

We pulled up to the village to spot that was under attack. Small doglike beasts ran the street and the buildings were on fire. I didn’t even think twice as I made my way into the town with those in the party: Foolship a druid, Kitara an oracle, Lottie a monk, Oswald a bard, Sigurd a warrior of some sort, and Atala one who is deft at being sneaky.

This is where things got crazy. We fought and spared the townsfolk, pulling them out of their burning church. We fought and I wielded the blessings of Berronar like I have never done in my life. Just as I was reaching the point of exhaustion another trial and tribulation happened. A dragon landed right in the middle of town! Not any of the colors of my dreams though.

I thought I had seen it all, except I have a feeling that my life experiences are just beginning. Foolship had shifted into this huge gigantic brown bear and climbed on top of the dragon. Not every day that one gets to see a bear riding a dragon! We fought valiantly and the dragon flew off. Once again Berronar knew how much we could handle. We managed to heal and move to the Keep for safety.

Goodnight for now…. More to write later….. ~

The Vast Beyond

Aubrey.jpg The light flickered dimly as the last of the wax candle had burned down and the flame struggled to keep from being extinguished. The evening shadows played eerily upon the stone walls of the temple. Aubrey spent most of her time here studying as of late.

She reached into her belt pouch and pulled out another small candle and let the flame kiss the wick flaring the new light to life. Taking a deep breath she whispered a small prayer and let a huff of air to snuff the dying candle out, sending wisps of grey smoke streaming on the breeze. Lifting the new candle up she let her gaze drift over the spines of the books that lined the walls, reading each one.

This place was always a place of solace to her. She knew though that the time had come that she would be saying goodbye and going out beyond the great walls of the eternal fortress of Citadel Adbar.

“I know that I will always have you to guide me.” she whispered to the wind. “I can’t say that I am not scared about what I am about to see beyond the walls.”

A breeze rolled through the corridor but it was still silent. She tightened her own mouth and slowly picked up the last of her scrolls and rolled them into the scroll case. The small jar of ink and her quill, she tucked into a small box and then into leather pouch that hung on her belt. She turned and with a nervous breath headed to the exit. Her orders were clear and she was to leave at first light as the gates were opened for travelers. She couldn’t help but speak aloud as if the books were her captive audience.

“I am Aubrey Lutgher, first daughter of Vondal Lutgehr, Knight of the Mithral Shield and Finellan Lutgehr Hearthwarden of the Iron Army of Adbar. I am Aubrey Lutgher and I shall bring the ministers of Berronar Truesilver to those beyond the wall,” she spoke with a ringing truth and a feeling of confidence.

She paused at the door to put the small candle out and set it on the table before picking up her shield that leaned against the wall and strode out toward the towering gates to the world that awaited her.

Skulkers in the Dark
(or, The Goblin Menace)



They shuffled as quietly as possible in the darkness. Having heard the sounds of someone talking within Sargan’s Experimentia, the small fur-clad creatures gripped their wickedly curved blades tightly and whispered among themselves softly as the largest of them moved away from the door. Pocketing the glass he’d held up to the heavy oaken door, he spoke to them.

“Right now,” he crooned softly, “I say dere be two dozen bashers in dere, easy. All clad in da ‘eaviest plate armor from da Abyss, judgin’ by da racket dey be makin’. Dey be sharpin’ dere weapons, gettin’ ready ta skewer da next lot wot saunters in. Dey prolly wears gobber ears as trophies, dey do.”

A murmur arose from the dozen or so red-eyed, pointy-eared, sickly green-skinned creatures gathered around him. Many cringed, and a few groaned.

“But Boss, whadda we do? Invaders in da Tower1 Deys prolly ’ere fer gobber meat, fer sure!” a snaggle-toothed little fellow whinged.

The largest of them nodded sagely.

“Fer sure,” he replied, his glowering red eyes taking in his companions, “An’ we no stand a chance ‘gainst dem, for sure as well. I say we split up, scurry away, an’ grab Da Forsaken, an’ Da Big Smelly Guy, an’ tell dem wot’s ‘ere. Let dem do da big fightin’. Den we cleans up after!”

He grinned wickedly at his compatriots, who were nodding in solemn agreement at the wisdom in his words. And as one, the sworn guardians of the White Tower swiftly slipped into the shadows and made like trees.



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