The White Tower


The White Tower of the Sorcerer of the White Ways is very tall, reaching around thirty stories. A great spiral staircase winds around the edge of every floor, leading to Sargan’s quarters atop the tower. It has been in Sigil for as long as most can remember, although Sargan was not always its owner. The White Tower has been known about Sigil to be a place that’s full of portals, though many of the keys are lost. Sargan used the tower as both a home and a staging ground for his many planar journeys.

Some of the floors are unreachable due to locked doors, while others are open archways that invite visitors to peek into the rooms beyond. These open rooms are often the homes of those that Sargan met upon his journeys that chose to return to Sigil with him. These rooms are generally called The Commons by the denizens of the White Tower, while the locked rooms are called The Questions (since most, including Sargan, have no idea where they lead).

Denizens of the White Tower

Before his untimely end, the Sorcerer of the White Ways was known for his numerous travels between the planes of existence. He was equally known for his strange and eclectic group of companions gathered within the White Tower. Here are some of the more well-known among those companions.

The Tower Keys

Upon the keyring now guarded by The Forsaken since Sargan’s disappearance are an impressive number of keys. This keyring has been passed down from owner to owner. Some of the keys upon this ring are labeled in a carefully-scripted hand, but most have no labels. All are keys to the doorways within the tower. Confusing the matter somewhat is that fact that there are significantly less keys on the keyring than there are doors within the tower; even more confusing, many of these “keys” bear no resemblance to what one would expect a key to look like.

The Commons

The well-known areas within the tower that require no key to enter are called, collectively, The Commons. These areas are usually rooms where Sargan’s eclectic collection of friends and traveling companions reside. The Commons include:

  • The Forsaken’s Chamber
  • The Bridesmaids’ Chamber
  • The Bunks
  • The Kitchens
  • The Great Hall
  • The Stables
  • The White Fount
  • The Bath
  • The Gallery

The Doorways

The areas within the tower that require a key to enter, and it is (somewhat) known what lies behind them, are called The Doorways. The Doorways include:

  • Sargan’s Quarters
  • The Library
  • Experimentia
  • The Armoury
  • The Aerie

The Questions

The areas within the tower that require a key to enter and have not been explored yet are called The Questions. None of the denizens of the White Tower are certain where these doors might lead.

  • The Midnight Door
  • The Red Door
  • The Blue Door
  • The Green Door
  • The Shoeless Door


The White Tower

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