Aubrey.jpg Welcome to Barovia. We are to go to the village of Villaki. We are to find Madame Eva there. Barovia is a dark place and I am not caring to be here. It was quiet a challenge to get here too. I am not too sure we are going to be able to get out without difficulty.

We arrived to Villaki to find the place surrounded with a palisade type wall that was well secured. The people here are afraid of things beyond that wall. To get in we all had to consent to a search. We also had to check our weapons. Not too comfortable with that idea. Kitara didn’t care for it either. She did something really stupid, changed into a raven and flew over the wall. It seems these people are afraid of witches and now Kitara is labeled as one. We went to Madam Eva and now we have some sort of card reading that we are supposed to fulfill. Uggghh.


Maded terriroberts1966

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