The Death of Strahd

Aubrey.jpg The fight was one of the toughest fights I have ever been in. Strahd was so powerful and he was killing us one at a time slowly.

We had managed to get down into his lair, but it was here that we discovered his true powers. He kept melding through the walls and attacking each of us one at a time. I was already depleted in my spells and encountering him without having a full array of choices for the day, was foolish. We really didn’t have much time to do things in tho. Kitara was missing and we were trying to find her in a timely manner, preferably before he killed her. But we were too late. It was heart breaking and demoralizing to me to see her petite body strewn over a couch lifeless.

As things continued to get worse for us Strahd didn’t seem to be hurt much at all by our efforts. We were mere flies for his swatting. I knew that this was not going to go well for us so I prayed and called out to Berronar Truesilver with one of the abilities she had granted me just recently. I could feel her presence so close and the room lit up with an aura of pure holiness. This didn’t seem to please Strahd at all.

Atala had attempted to stab Strahd through the wall when he mimicked her actions. She took a deadly blow just as Strahd turned his gaze upon me. I was not able to save her as her body crumpled to the ground. The blade that he was wielding had seemed to pull her very life essence into the blade itself.

It was then that the creature from the pool, Chuck, shifted into something large enough that pushed Strahd into the holy aura that was within the room. Strahd visably was hurt by it, but I noticed that he didn’t try and shift back out of the room. I am thinking that whatever blessing Barronar gifted us with, was one that was messing with Strahd’s magic.

Strahd was now focusing on me. It was my goddess that was inflicting his torment and he was not pleased. The only thing left for me to do was grab the holy symbol I had gotten from Strahd’s brother and hold it up and pray. The light that emanated from it was that of sunlight. It weakened him enough that the rest of the group immediately started hitting him. Near the end we staked him. Like I said, this was the toughest fight ever.

Foolship sacrificed his staff of the woodlands, planting it into Strahds chest and commanding it to turn into a tree. The rest of Strahds world was crumbling around us, and we fled the castle to stand outside peering down at the town, which was now bathed in sunlight for the first time in over 300 years.

Now all I want to do… go home. But where is home for me? Sigil or Faerun?


Maded terriroberts1966

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