A record of what the Clueless do between their adventures.

Some Downtime Activities Available in SIgil

Activity Requirements
Crafting PHB pg. 187
Practicing a Profession PHB pg. 187
Recuperating PHB pg. 187
Researching PHB pg. 187
Training PHB pg. 187
Carousing Must maintain a wealthy lifestyle; ask the DM what happens at the end of your carousing
Renown Seek out, socialize with, and perform minor tasks for an organization within Sigil (see Factions of Sigil)
Sell a Magic Item Find an interested buyer and establish an agreed-upon price
Have a Magic Item Crafted Find an interested craftsman and establish an agreed-upon price
Sacred Rites Priest: perform sacred rites at a temple, spend time between praying and meditating; lay person: assist a priest with those rites, spend time between praying and meditating




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