Experience Points and Milestones



Character Level XP
Atala 11 87,561
Aubry Lutgher 11 92,405
Lottie Balfe 10 ?
Foolship 11 86,797
Oswald Haines 11 86,475
Sigurd Brandr 11 86,475



Milestones are goal-oriented achievements set by either the players for their characters, or the Dungeon Master for either an individual character or the party as a whole.

There are Major Milestones representing a larger overarching goal that may take several sessions to resolve, and Minor Milestones representing smaller and more easily achieved goals.

Milestones are worth a certain amount of Experience Points upon completion. This section will track current Milestones that the player characters are aware of and actively pursuing; the DM will track the more secretive Milestones of the campaign.

Current Milestones

  • Explore Sigil (Major; All)
  • Find out why you are here (Major; All)
  • Find a way home (Major; All)

Completed Milestones

  • FInd Finegan at Cheap Blessings (Minor; All)
  • Find a job (Minor; All)
  • Complete Mr. Grister’s job (Major;All)
  • Remove the haunted urns from the temple of Berronar Truesilver (Major; All)
  • Take the recovered Diamond to Shah Vermal (Major; All)
  • Visit with Oswald’s dad in Ysgard (Major; All)
  • Retrieve the Nine Books of Knowledge for Aurumar. (Major; All)
  • Gained allies in Krezk. (Major, All)


Experience Points and Milestones

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