The Feywild


Beyond the fey crossings, one will find a realm of unparalleled beauty and capricious magic. The fey creatures that inhabit this realm are unpredictable, so the traveler must beware. There are many versions of the same folk wisdom that crosses over the boundaries of many places across the multiverse.

“Never accept fey gifts.”

Of course, to refuse such is likely to invite a fey to take umbrage. Such are the risks of this realm.

Here, Queen Titania rules the Seelie Court while her rival, the Queen of Air and Darkness rules The Gloaming. These two courts are simultaneously at war and allied, according to the whims of their rulers. While foolish mortals sometimes equivocate the Seelie Court with good and The Gloaming with evil, both moral temperaments may be found within each court. Their true separation and eternal clashes come not from any moral standpoint, but from a jealousy and rivalry between the Queens.

Between them, taking no sides, stands the Prince of Fools and his wandering Carnival of Fools. They travel the fey crossings, bringing both wonders and horrors to the multiverse. They are know to “adopt” mortals and sweep them away upon the Carnival’s travels. Beware the Fool’s favor.

The independent fey are the most dangerous of all, as they have no rules to follow. These dark fey do as they will, according to the winds of their whims.


The Feywild

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